storurdHikers start from the facilities cabin in Vatnsskarð (65°33,71-13°59,56) to crossroads (65°31,10-13°59,36) south of Mjóadalsvarp. 

Hikers are always advised to go by the staked trails. In Stórurð you will find a box with visitors’ log book and stamp. Few other trails lead back from Stórurð. 

You can walk towards Vatnsskarðsvegur (65°33,71-13°59,56) or you can go to Njarðvík (65°33,05-13°58,24). The best time of year to hike to Stórurð is from the middle of July to the middle of September.


Distance and elevation: 15 km and 430 m.

GPS Cordinates: (N65°30,88-W13°59,79) 

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