Start from Sturluflöt which is the innermost farm in Suðurdalur, east of Kelduáriver. 

Walk along the banks of Fellsá river on the east side of Villingadalur valley.The waterfall can’t be seen until one is quite far in to the valley.

Once there one can walk along Strútsgil creek.The cylinder with visitors’ log and a stamp is to be found up by Strútsgil creek. One can also cross the river via a 

bridge on Strútsá river. You can not get to the waterfall exceptby going into the creek and crossing the river a few times which can be treacherous. 

Strútsfoss waterfall is on the list of nature reserves.


 Distance and elevation: 8,5 km and 229 m

GPS Cordinates: (N64°54.194-W15°02.314)

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