vestdalsA great trail for hiking which involves crossing Vestdalsheiði mountain range, from Hérað to Seyðisfjörður. Vestdalsheiði heath used to be a frequently travelled road. People walked along Gilsá river, across the heath, and into Vestdalur valley. Walk from the sign in Fjarðarheiði heath  GPS N65°15.577 - W14°13.524 and head to the mountain Bjólfur. When you get near the mountain you will see Vestdalsvatn. When you get to Vesdalsvatn you can choose between three routes if you don ́t want to take the same route back. Down Vestdalur by a staked trail to Seyðisfjörður; down Gilsárdalur valley down towards Gilsárteigurfarm (north of Eiðar in Fljótsdalshérað) or go west of Bjólfur mountain down to Stafdalur valley. The cylinder with the visitors’ log book and stamp is where Gilsá river runs out from the lake. You will need to cross the river if you choose to walk from Fjarðarheiði.

Distance: 11 km

GPS Cordinates: (N65°17.102-W14°17.887)

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