RauðshaugurRauðshaugur is a rock or a hill protruding from the farm Höfði and can be seen widely from Hérað. According to legend it is the burial heap of farmer Rauður or Ásrauður in the sagas and from there two similar heaps can be located, the burial heap Bessahaugur in Fljótsdalur and the heap Ormarshaugur in Fell. Legends has it Rauður was buried with all his riches. People are said to have tried digging into the pile of rocks but always had to give up because of a burning vision of the homestead in Ketilsstadir. Walk the trail from the sign at Fagridalur road. (N65°14-W14°21.156)


Distance and elevation: 8,4 km and 300 m.

GPS Cordinates: (N65°12.77-W14°23.01)

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