hengifHengifoss is the second tallest waterfall in Iceland,128 meters, in Hengifossá river. One can reach the waterfall from both sides of the river though it is more common to walk up from the
parking area by 
the riverside. Elevation is 300 m. On the way up one gets a view of on of the tallest steeple or pillars of rock by Litlanesfoss waterfall. It is also exciting to walk around the canyon by going up above the edge of Hengifoss, cross the river and walk down the hill on the other side, but that is a longer hike. The cylinder with visitors’ log and stamp is in a grassy spot close to the end of the trail (N65°05.422-W14°53.200)



Distance and elevation: 4,5 km and 300 m.

GPS Cordinates: (Starting point N65°04.41-W14°52.84)

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