spanarholl2Spanarhóll is in the north end of Fjórðungsháls, 591 m high. You drive to the south up Fell to the farm Refsmýri. From there you walk to Hlíðarsel and onwards up the canyon above the ruins up on Fjórðungur on the Fell heath. From there the way to Spanarhóll is easily hiked. There are four hills and people should walks towards all of them. One can also hike to Spanarhóll hill by going up by the Ormarsstaðir river or from Fjallssel up to the edge, and then inland.The cylinder is on top of the biggest hill. At the hill, lore has it that there is presence of elves or hidden people.

Distance and elevation: 14 km and 473 m.

GPS cordinates: (N65°15.588-W14°41.446)                       

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