HáreksstaðirHáreksstaðir was built on land taken from Skjöldólfsstaðir in 1841 and was the first farm to be founded in these highlands. Located at an elevation of 482m, it is however also believed to have been the site of a farm in ancient times.  Háreksstaðir was usually regarded as one of the best farms in the community, and benefitting from some of the broades and most continuous grassland, supported the most occupants. The first settlers were Katrín, daughter of Þorleifur, who in turn was a son of Þorleifur of Stóra-Breiðavík, Reyðarfjörður; and Jón, son of the farmer Sölvi, Víkingsstaðir in Skógar. Several Háreksstaðir residents moved to the Americas, along with their descendents. Háreksstaðir was farmed continuously until 1923, except for a single year of desertion. There is now a sheep herders´ shelter on this site

(13) GPS Cordinates: (N65°24.28 - W15°25.35)


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